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President's Post - Archive

July 20, 2017

Questios and answers:  Article appeared in Corridor Magazine


What was the best advice you ever received and how did it shape the way you manage?
Answer: An early mentor of mine was a successful business owner. He advised me to hire people “better than me, people who had talents, expertise and passions which complemented mine and which potentially exceeded my capabilities.” The rationale for this advice was that capable people under/behind me would make me look better and ultimately help us to accomplish the end goal. I took this advice to heart and always hired and cultivated staff who seemed smarter, more motivated and more creative than I was at the time. No one succeeds alone/in a vacuum-having a great team has helped me accomplish more.

At the core of your position, what would you say are the two things at the top of list in terms of your daily “musts”?
Answer: Number one is organization. I am extremely organized. It makes me more efficient, faster, more effective. It also serves as a good example for those around me. Number two is detail. I pay attention to the details and I never lose sight of them. I keep lists of my priorities/to do’s.Although I may move things from list to list, I never let things slip through the cracks because they remain on the list till done.

What is a core passion or peeve of yours- in life or in business?
Answer: In both life and business, I have little tolerance for people who don’t bother to read what’s in front of them. From the people who only read the first two lines of an email or letter to the people who refuse to read all the instructions- it drives me crazy. I read everything. Now, I realize in this fast paced society, we often have limited time and attention span. And, I have changed my way of doing things- ex. I write very brief emails , expecting the reader to look at the subject line and maybe one or two more lines and that’s it However, the ability to read quickly, understand fully and assess and react appropriately can be a means to quicker, more accurate resolutions. So, I urge everyone- pay attention, read what’s sent to you and react once you have all the necessary details.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.
Answer: I am a Disney fanatic- with focus on the core “fab five”- Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy. I collect Disneyana, visit Disneyworld, wear Disney jewelry, furnish my house in Disney. All Disney collectibles welcome!

When it is all over how would you want to be remembered?
Answer: I would like to be remembered as someone who cared and someone who gave back. I have tried to be of value to my family, my friends, my staff, my colleagues and to those who cannot always adequately take care of themselves. And I will continue in that way as long as I can.

About Roslyn Goldmacher

Roslyn Goldmacher
Roslyn D. Goldmacher is a graduate of Cornell University’s School of Industrial & Labor Relations and Hofstra Law School. She operated a boutique LI based law firm specializing in representation of credit unions and non bank commercial lenders. While still in her law practice she helped create the first and largest national nonbank SBA lender. Also while still running her law firm, Roz founded the Long Island Development Corporation family of not for profit economic development organizations- now a 38 year old economic development entity providing low cost loans, free technical assistance and seminars to small businesses in our region. LIDC has lent over 2 billion dollars to Long Island entrepreneurs and leveraged another 4 billion in funding for them, in the process helping to create and retain over 65,000 jobs for our economy.

Roz is now focused full time on her economic development activities. She is well known for her expertise in economic development, small business, and philanthropy. She has served on numerous national, regional and local boards including the national fiscal agent for the US Small Business Administration, overseeing some $250 million in bond sales each month, and the board of the National Service Corps. Of Retired Executives, working with some 12,000 national volunteers to assist thousands of entrepreneurs each year. Locally, she has served on the statewide small business incubator boards and regional economic development partnership boards for two NY governors. Roz has founded and led numerous economic development/community development organizations. Currently, she is proud to serve on the Board of Advisors of the Long Island Community Foundation, part of the NY Community Trust and the board of the Nassau AHRC Foundation and its Community Trusts.

Roz has been honored for her work with small business, minority and women owned businesses and her philanthropic endeavors by three US Presidents, Congress, several New York State Governors, and many local organizations.


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